Jam with the bands
You can remix and create your own adaptations of the songs you heard at the Scratch Audio SXSW party.

Remix the live music from our SXSW party!

We're hosting a party at SXSW today with some solid indie music acts and making it so you can adapt and share the music you heard today. Audio tracks from select bands will be captured from the soundboard made available here shortly.  

Sign up below and we'll let you know when the tracks are available via our tool. Or use our site now to record your own songs and see how it works. Oh and anyone who signs up below gets the first year of service free.

Invite your  friends
Invite friends to remix the adaptations you create and riff off of your music.

Share your creations
One-click publish to Facebook, Twitter and Sound Cloud makes it easy to share your creations with others. 

For more details leading up to our launch
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